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World Airports

Every day all airports receive a large flow of passengers. Our entire journey begins at the airport and ends there. The only difference is in cities and countries. We all strive to quickly go to the place where our journey will begin.

In the modern world, an airport is truly the face of a country or city. After all, it is from here that travelers and guests begin to get acquainted with a new place and they get the first impression of where they have ended up. As a result, today airports are actively developing, becoming more functional and convenient for those arriving and those planning to fly away.

We will try to tell you about a wide variety of airports. Surprisingly, today it is even in Antarctica. Not to mention European countries and Russia. Wherever you decide to go in the world, air travel can help you.

List of all international airports in the world

Even small airports today have at least several different cafes, restaurants, and shops. The cost of services and goods, of course, is slightly higher than in regular stores, but sometimes passengers have to wait for a flight for several hours, if not more, and accordingly, they want to spend this time interestingly - drink coffee in a restaurant, buy some symbolic goods for their loved ones . “Duty free” is especially popular - this is where products are sold at reduced prices.

It’s hard to imagine how many employees work at the airport. Some need to ensure proper security for passengers and guests who meet them, while others need to make the airport here as functional as possible in various aspects - from ticket sales to consultations on certain issues related to the operation of the airport.