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What should I do if my passport number has changed?

Please provide the new data to the agency. The employees will enter the new data into the system. This case does not involve rewriting the entire ticket. Simply send the new data to the agency via email.

What to do if passport details are filled incorrectly?

The passenger's first and last name must exactly match the spelling in the international passport. If it is not required for the flight, the transliteration of the name and surname is at the discretion of the passenger. However, if it is done, the pronunciation must be preserved completely. If there is a situation where the spelling of the name and surname on the ticket differs from the international passport, it requires contacting the company. You need to inform the agency about it as soon as possible. If official confirmation is received regarding the possibility of making the flight with such an error, please call us and we will make the corresponding remark to the airline regarding the correct spelling. If there is no such confirmation, according to the fare rules, the ticket is returned and a new one is purchased.

After purchasing a ticket, we changed our passport, what should we do?

No problem! Just inform the agency by email with the new information no later than 48 hours before departure. There is no need to rewrite the ticket in this case.

What data is required to purchase a ticket?

In the ticket, it is required to write your full name in accordance with the spelling in your international passport. If the flight does not require an international passport, the information in the travel document should still be written in Latin letters, with the pronunciation fully preserved. As an example for writing, you can use a bank card or a driver's license. In addition, it is necessary to enter the passport series and number. It is important to pay attention to the validity period of the document: it must be valid both at the time of departure and at the time of return.

Can I book a specific seat?

It depends on the airline, the flight, and the specific destination you are flying to. If you need to reserve a specific seat, you can contact the call center - either ours or the airline that operates the flight - and try to do it over the phone, or you can reserve a seat on the website. Sometimes this service is provided by airlines for an additional fee. The seat is almost always available for selection during check-in, which usually opens 24 hours before departure.

How can I reprint the itinerary receipt?

Either from an email or from a website, after opening a paid order. Please note: if the flight has already taken place, it will be technically impossible to print the itinerary receipt.

How to return airline tickets?

Contact the airline agency with whom you have booked your ticket. When you filled out the booking form on the partner's website, you were required to provide your email address. Please check your email inbox, as there should be a booking confirmation email containing the contact information of the agency.

Why can't I pay for the ticket with my bank card?

There are various reasons for a payment to be declined, for example:
● Incorrect card data input;
● Card expiration date has passed;
● Payment limit exceeded;
● Online payments with the card are not allowed;
● We do not accept cards from the country where the issuing bank is located.
Please call us, and if it turns out that your card can be accepted for payment, but the payment still does not go through, contact the issuing bank to clarify the situation.

Can I use my bank card to purchase a ticket for a third party?

You can. But in this case, all responsibilities for correctly entering the passenger's questionnaire and passport data into the ticket fall on you.

How to pay for a reservation using the Kivi terminal?

After the order is created, on the "Payment" page, select the payment method "Cash via QIWI payment terminal". Then click on the "Pay" button and follow the detailed instructions.

How do I know that the payment has been processed and the purchase of the airline ticket has been successfully completed?

Firstly, the status of your order will change - it will be updated to "Paid". Secondly, you will receive a route receipt to your email.

How quickly does the itinerary receipt arrive after making a payment on the website?

As a rule, you don't have to wait for it longer than 5 minutes. However, at the request of some airlines, the issuance of such a document may take up to 24 hours.

How can I bring my pet with me?

If you are planning to fly with a pet, the airline must be notified at least 3 days before the intended departure. Ideally, this should be done even before purchasing the ticket. Call us and let us know about your desire to transport a pet, and we will send a corresponding request to the airline. Keep in mind that there may be restrictions on the transportation of animals: some agencies simply do not allow it on their flights, while others have very strict limitations. The animal may require additional vaccinations, a passport, and up to 6 months of quarantine. You can find out all this by contacting the specific airline with which you plan to book your ticket.

Are the funds immediately deducted from the card at the time of payment?

The order amount is first blocked on the card. Within a few days, the bank processes the transaction and it is finally debited.

Booking airline tickets

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Where can I get paid airline tickets?

Paid tickets are sent electronically to the email address provided during the reservation form completion. You just need to print the itinerary receipt from the email and present it at the check-in counter.

Prohibited for carriage in the cabin

If we are talking about liquids, gels, and aerosols that you want to carry in your hand luggage, the volume of each of these liquids should not exceed 100 ml. The total volume of liquids on board per passenger should not exceed one liter. An exception to this rule is medications needed during the flight and food for children. In the latter case, it is necessary to accurately calculate the required amount for the duration of the flight. If you carry more food than necessary, you may be denied.

How much baggage can I bring on board?

The sum of the three dimensions of hand luggage must not exceed 115 cm. Its weight should be between 5 and 10 kg per ticket, depending on the chosen airline. Regardless of the existing hand luggage, the following items are allowed to be taken on board the aircraft:
1. Ladies' handbag.
2. Laptop.
3. Camera.
4. Video camera.
5. Travel cot for infants.
In addition to this, it is allowed to carry any purchases from the Duty Free shop on board, provided that the packaging remains intact and the corresponding receipt is available.

Can I carry luggage exceeding the established limit?

Yes, however, anything that does not comply with regulations is subject to payment according to the carrier's tariffs. To be able to transport such baggage, it is necessary to make a corresponding request to the company. Contact our call center and provide the exact dimensions of the baggage, as well as its total weight. You can obtain the necessary information about the tariffs directly from the airline.

Will the airline overload my luggage?

If the entire transit flight is operated by one airline, it is likely that your luggage will be transferred. However, there may be exceptions to this. We recommend that you obtain accurate information either during check-in or by directly contacting the relevant call center.

What should I do if I found an error in the ticket?

Contact the airline immediately, using the ticket issued by them. If possible, they will do everything to minimize your losses when correcting the error.

What to do if the surname and first name are spelled differently in the new passport?

Technically, it is not possible to add new information to the ticket. There is a dual attitude towards different writing of personal data in the ticket and in the passport. We recommend calling the airline company to clarify if it is possible to fly in such a situation. If the answer is positive, call the agency and they will make the appropriate note about the correct spelling of your surname and name. If the answer is negative, the call center employees of the agency will advise you on your further actions.

Is the order cost on the website final?

Yes. The exact amount that is stated on the website will be deducted from your bank card at the time of payment.

How much luggage can I take with me?

The answer to this question depends on the airline that operates your flight. Each carrier has different baggage allowances, which also depend on the class of your ticket. The largest baggage allowances are in first class, while the smallest are in economy class. On average, passengers can bring 20 to 40 kg of baggage per ticket. The maximum sum of three dimensions is 203 cm in first and business class, and 158 cm in economy class. There are also airlines whose rules do not allow free baggage allowance. If your itinerary does not specify a baggage allowance, it means that it is subject to a fee for transportation.

Will it be necessary to present the bank card used for payment at the registration?

No, presentation of the card is not required.

Can I pay only a part of the cost now?

No, you can only pay for the order in full in one transaction.

Can I pay with a card that doesn't belong to me?

No, however, you can ask the owner of the card in question to do it.

Where are animals transported?

The answer to this question depends on the airline. Most carriers allow only one dog or cat in the cabin, weighing no more than 8 kg. Larger animals are transported in a special cargo compartment. Some carriers do not allow the transportation of animals in the cabin at all, except for guide dogs. There are even carriers that prohibit flying with animals, regardless of their location - in the aircraft cabin or in the cargo compartment. Therefore, before purchasing a ticket, it is worth clarifying the rules for transporting animals with the airline you plan to use.

What do you need for transporting an animal?

First, check if the carrier allows pets in the cabin or in the cargo hold, and if there are already registered passengers with pets. If you can fly with your pet without any issues, you should clarify the rules for importing animals into the destination country, prepare all necessary documents, and ensure that your pet has received all required vaccinations. It is also important to make sure that the weight of the animal, including the carrier, does not exceed the maximum limit of 8 kg.

How do airline tickets work?

In any convenient way for you: by credit or debit card, electronic money, at communication salons, or through the QIWI terminal.

How can I check if my ticket is valid?

The relevance of booking can be checked through the website by entering the booking number in the corresponding field. Alternatively, you can make a direct request to the airline.