About Us

Eastern Air Lines, one of the most iconic names in the airline industry, has come flying into the 21st century. We’re doing so under new leadership—but with the same commitment to providing an extraordinary flying experience that we built our reputation on under leaders that included WWI flying ace Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker and astronaut Colonel Frank Borman.

The Legacy in Air Travel

Carrying on the tradition established by our predecessors for having the most technologically-advanced aircraft, the most stylish and professionally-trained crews, the best customer service and the most enjoyable flight experiences, we’re creating turbulence when it comes to settling for the status quo in air travel. Our passengers are finding that the entire flight experience—from making reservations to boarding to exiting the aircraft—is something they can once again look forward to.

Passion. Commitment. Trust.

Based in Miami, Florida, Eastern Air Lines currently offers service throughout the East Coast, Gulf Coast and Midwest. We also offer flights to Cuba, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Charter flights can be scheduled for college and professional sports teams, hotel and casino groups, corporate excursions, etc.

Eastern Air Lines is once again making you feel at home in the skies. And it is for you that We Fly.

We're Proud of the Company We Keep. Meet Our Partners in Flight.