How long does it take to fly from Omsk to Dubai?

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How long to fly from Omsk in Dubai direct flight?

We can tell you about the flight from Omsk to Dubai. To do this, you first need to arrive at Omsk Airport, which is located 5 km from the city. The airport has all the necessary services for passengers, such as cafes, shops, ATMs, etc.

Next, we can fly to Dubai by plane. The flight usually takes about 6-7 hours. In Dubai, we will be met by a large and modern airport, which is one of the largest in the world. The airport has many shops, restaurants, and other services for passengers.

In Dubai, we can enjoy beautiful beaches, modern shopping centers, and other attractions. It is also worth noting that Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, which makes it attractive to tourists.

Thus, the flight from Omsk to Dubai can be a comfortable and interesting journey.

Flight schedule Omsk - Dubai with transfers and price

Departure and landing times from Omsk in Dubai. The flight schedule shows the local arrival time and departure date from the airport Omsk, , the price includes fuel surcharges and taxes.
Flight Departure Back Price Find
Ural Airlines
2024-05-20 2024-06-02 30591 ₽ Find

Which airlines fly from Omsk in Dubai




Ural Airlines

Red Wings

Airports operating in the direction from Omsk in Dubai

Airports operating in the direction from Omsk in Dubai

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