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Unfortunately at the moment on the route Murmansk - Berlin, there are no direct flights. Please check the information about flights with connections.

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Departure and landing time from Murmansk to Berlin. The flight schedule indicates the local arrival time and departure date from the airport Murmansk, includes fuel charges and taxes.
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Information about the direct flight Murmansk – Berlin

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Selection of the cheapest tickets to buy from Murmansk to Berlin without stopovers, the schedule indicates local time and departure date from the airport Murmansk, all prices are already with all fees and taxes.
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The cheapest round-trip ticket : presented by the airline with a departure date 01.01.1970 and a cost of 29411 rubles. Find this ticket for you?

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Airports working in the direction Murmansk – Berlin

Airports of Murmansk, from where planes fly to Berlin

Airports of Berlin, where planes arrive from Murmansk

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