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Boeing 737-600

Aircraft Information Boeing 737-600

Boeing 737-600 is a narrow-body passenger aircraft developed by the American company Boeing. It was introduced in 1995 and first flew in 1998. The aircraft is designed to carry up to 149 passengers over a distance of up to 5,400 km.

The Boeing 737-600 has a length of 31.2 m, a wingspan of 28.9 m, and a height of 12.5 m. The maximum takeoff weight is 60,800 kg. The aircraft is equipped with two CFM56-7B18 turbofan engines, each with a thrust of 82.3 kN.

The aircraft features modern avionics, including a flight management system, autopilot, ground proximity warning system, and other safety systems. Additionally, it is equipped with a cabin management system that ensures passenger comfort and safety.

The Boeing 737-600 is one of the most economical and reliable aircraft in its class. It is widely used by airlines around the world for regional and medium-haul flights.

Technical information about the Boeing 737-600

- Length: 31.24 m

- Speed: 840 km/h

- Engine: CFM56-7B22

- Size: 28.88 m x 34.31 m

- Wingspan: 34.31 m

- Range: 5,925 km

- Weight: 41,145 kg (maximum takeoff weight)

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Just like in any other aircraft, the safest seats in the Boeing 737-600 are located at the front and rear of the cabin, as well as near the emergency exits. These seats usually have more legroom and easier access to the exits in case of an emergency. However, the choice of seat in the aircraft depends on the individual preferences of the passenger, such as the desire for more legroom, proximity to the restroom or window, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a seat in advance when booking a ticket and take into account your personal preferences and needs.