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Airline : hotline number and general information

1. Company History: Frontier Airlines was founded in 1994 and started as a regional airline. Today, it is one of the largest airlines in the United States, offering regular and charter flights nationwide and beyond.

2. Base Airports: Frontier Airlines is based in Denver, Colorado, and has additional hubs in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Philadelphia.

3. Aircraft Types: Frontier Airlines uses Airbus A319, A320, and A321 for its flights.

4. Baggage: Passengers can carry one free carry-on baggage with dimensions not exceeding 61 cm x 41 cm x 25 cm and weighing no more than 7 kg. Additional carry-on baggage or checked baggage will incur an additional fee.

5. Flight Check-in: Frontier Airlines offers online check-in, mobile app check-in, or check-in at the airport counter. It is recommended to check-in in advance to avoid delays and queues.

6. Food and Drinks: Frontier Airlines offers a wide selection of food and drinks for an additional fee. Passengers can also bring their own snacks and drinks on board.

7. In-flight Entertainment: Frontier Airlines offers a wide range of entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, and music. Passengers can also bring their own devices to enjoy personal content.

8. Loyalty Program: Frontier Airlines offers the Frontier Miles loyalty program, allowing passengers to earn bonus miles for ticket purchases and other services. Bonus miles can be used to receive discounts on future ticket purchases.

9. Special Services: Frontier Airlines offers a range of special services for passengers with limited mobility, including assistance during boarding and disembarkation, transportation of medical devices, and other services. Passengers must inform the airline in advance about all their needs.

10. Pet Transportation Rules: Frontier Airlines allows the transportation of pets on board for an additional fee. Passengers must pre-book a spot for their pet and comply with all the airline's rules and requirements.

  • Address: Frontier Center One, 7001 Tower Road, Denver, Colorado, 80249-7312, USA.
  • Phone: +1 720 374 42 00.
  • Aircraft fleet: 102 (+96 ordered, 18 option).
  • IATA code: F9
  • http://www.flyfrontier.com/

You can call the toll-free hotline and find out all the information that is important to you. On the website you can also contact the information desk or check the departure and landing of the nearest flights, as well as get information about flight schedules, popular destinations and special offers.