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Flights from Belgrade to Banja Luka

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The cheapest air ticket Belgrade — Banja Luka

The cheapest flight ticket from Belgrade to Banja Luka in the last 24 hours was found for a flight with Air Serbia airline with a departure date of 14.06.2024 and a price of 3787 ₽.

Tickets for the Moscow Belgrade — Banja Luka

What makes up the cost of a ticket for the Belgrade — Banja Luka plane: service tariff, fuel surcharges, airport taxes, baggage availability, demand and availability for the flight
One way
There and back
31.05.2024 from 4058 ₽
31.05 - 03.06.2024 from 9222 ₽
07.06.2024 from 3050 ₽
07.06 - 10.06.2024 from 6932 ₽
27.09.2024 from 3054 ₽
27.09 - 30.09.2024 from 6942 ₽

Flight schedule Belgrade — Banja Luka 2024

The current flight schedule for Belgrade - Banja Luka today, tomorrow and the coming days. Flight data is updated every 30 minutes.
Flight Departure Arrival On the way Dates
Air Serbia
(JU 610)
09:15 10:10 0h. 55m. вс с 27.10 по 29.12
Air Serbia
(JU 610)
10:15 11:10 0h. 55m. пт по 11.10
Air Serbia
(JU 610)
11:05 12:00 0h. 55m. пт с 01.11 по 27.12
Air Serbia
(JU 614)
16:10 17:05 0h. 55m. пн с 28.10 по 30.12
Air Serbia
(JU 614)
16:20 17:15 0h. 55m. пн с 03.06 по 30.09
Air Serbia
(JU 614)
16:45 17:40 0h. 55m. 20, 27 мая
Air Serbia
(JU 614)
17:00 17:55 0h. 55m. 7, 14, 21 октября
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Round-trip flights Belgrade — Banja Luka

Airlines Flight Departure Back Price
Air Serbia (JU610) 2024-06-14 2024-06-17 6707

Direct flight information Belgrade — Banja Luka

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On route Belgrade Banja Luka flies 1 model aircraft from 2 airlines.


The lowest prices for flights from Belgrade to Banja Luka with the airline - Air Serbia!
The most popular low-cost airline from Belgrade в Banja Luka is Pobeda!

Airports Belgrade — Banja Luka

Belgrade airports from where planes fly to Banja Luka:
Belgrade Nikola Tesla
Banja Luka airports where flights from Belgrade land:
Banja Luka

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