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Airbus A320-100/200

Aircraft Information Airbus A320-100/200

Airbus A320-100/200 is a narrow-body passenger aircraft developed by Airbus. It was introduced in 1984 and first flew in 1987. The A320-100 was the initial version, but it was produced in small quantities, and most orders were for the A320-200.

The A320-200 has a length of 37.57 meters, a wingspan of 34.10 meters, and a height of 11.76 meters. The maximum takeoff weight is 77,000 kg, and the maximum range is 6,100 km. The aircraft can carry up to 180 passengers depending on the cabin configuration.

The A320-100/200 is equipped with two turbofan engines, CFM56-5 or V2500, which provide a speed of up to 828 km/h. The aircraft also has an automatic flight control system, which facilitates the work of pilots and enhances flight safety.

The A320-100/200 is one of the most popular narrow-body aircraft in the world and is used by many airlines for short and medium-haul flights. It also has high fuel efficiency and low noise levels, making it more environmentally friendly than many other aircraft.

Technical information about the Airbus A320-100/200

- Length: 37.57 m (A320-100), 37.98 m (A320-200)

- Wingspan: 34.10 m

- Cabin dimensions: height 2.01 m, width 3.70 m

- Maximum speed: 871 km/h

- Range: 6,100 km (A320-100), 6,850 km (A320-200)

- Weight: 42,600 kg (A320-100), 48,500 kg (A320-200)

- Engine: two CFM56-5A1 (A320-100), CFM56-5A3 (A320-200) turbofan engines with a thrust of 25,000 pounds each.

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in any other aircraft, the safest seats in the Airbus A320-100/200 are located in the rear of the cabin, closer to the exits. This is because in case of an emergency, passengers seated closer to the exits have a higher chance of survival and faster evacuation.

In addition, experts recommend choosing window seats as they provide better protection against potential injuries during an emergency landing. It is also advisable to avoid seats near the exits as they may be less comfortable due to limited legroom.

Some passengers prefer seats in the middle of the cabin as they offer a smoother flight and less turbulence sensation. However, when choosing seats in the middle of the cabin, it is advisable to avoid seats near the toilets and galley as they may be noisier and less comfortable.

In general, the choice of seats in the Airbus A320-100/200 aircraft depends on the passenger's personal preferences and may vary depending on the purpose of the flight and its duration.