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Yakovlev Yak-42

Aircraft Information Yakovlev Yak-42

Yakovlev Yak-42 is a medium-haul passenger aircraft developed in the USSR in the 1970s. It was designed to carry up to 120 passengers over a distance of up to 3,000 km.

The first flight of the Yak-42 took place in 1975, and serial production began in 1980. A total of about 180 aircraft of this model were produced.

The Yak-42 is equipped with three turboprop engines, which provide a speed of up to 750 km/h. The aircraft has a length of 36 meters and a wingspan of 34 meters.

The Yak-42 was operated in many countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Angola, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mozambique, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Chad, South Africa, and others.

However, due to its age and high operating costs, most airlines are gradually replacing the Yak-42 with more modern aircraft models.

Technical information about the Yakovlev Yak-42

- Length: 36.38 m

- Wingspan: 34.88 m

- Height: 9.83 m

- Cabin dimensions: 2.08 m x 2.16 m x 1.85 m

- Maximum speed: 750 km/h

- Cruising speed: 720 km/h

- Engine: three turboprop engines Yak-42

- Range: 3,700 km

- Weight: 27,500 kg (maximum takeoff weight)

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in any other aircraft, the safest seats in the Yakovlev Yak-42 are those located closer to the exits and exit doors. These are usually the seats at the beginning and end of the passenger cabin.

In addition, seats near emergency exits are also considered safer as they provide faster access to the exit in case of an emergency situation.

If you want to avoid discomfort during the flight, it is better to choose seats in the middle of the cabin as they are usually closer to the aircraft's center of gravity and therefore less susceptible to turbulence.

It is also advisable to avoid seats near the wings as it may be noisier and the vibration may be more noticeable.

In general, the choice of seats in the Yakovlev Yak-42 depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you are afraid of flying or have any medical issues, it is better to choose a seat near the exit or seek assistance from the crew for additional help.