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Aircraft Information E95

E95 is the code designation for the Embraer E-195, a Brazilian narrow-body medium-range passenger aircraft. It was developed by Embraer and first flew in 2004.

The E-195 can carry up to 124 passengers depending on the cabin configuration. It is equipped with two General Electric CF34-10E turbofan engines, which provide a speed of up to 870 km/h and a range of up to 4,260 km.

The E-195 aircraft features modern avionics, including a Fly-by-wire flight control system, which provides more precise aircraft control and reduces the workload on pilots.

The E-195 is used by airlines worldwide for regional and medium-haul transportation. It competes with aircraft such as the Airbus A220 and Boeing 737 MAX 7.

Technical information about the E95

- Length: 38.72 m

- Speed: 870 km/h

- Engine: two Honeywell AS977-ATR turbofan engines

- Size: height 10.56 m, width 28.72 m

- Wingspan: 28.72 m

- Range: up to 4,537 km

- Weight: empty 29,700 kg, maximum takeoff 50,300 kg

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in any other aircraft, the safest seats in the E95 are the rows near the emergency exits. These are usually rows 10-12 and 25-27. Rows located in the middle of the aircraft are also considered safer as they are further away from the wings, where damage can occur in case of an accident.

As for comfort, each passenger has their own preferences. Some prefer window seats to enjoy the view, while others prefer aisle seats for easy access to the restroom and to not disturb their neighbors when getting up. It is also worth considering that the rows near the exits have limited storage space for carry-on luggage, so if you have a lot of baggage, it may be more convenient to choose a different seat.

In general, choosing a seat on the aircraft is an individual choice for each passenger and depends on their needs and preferences.