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Airline : hotline number and general information

Eastar Jet - a South Korean airline founded in 2007. The company offers regular flights to various cities in Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries.


- Carry-on baggage: one item up to 7 kg and not exceeding 55x40x20 cm in size.

- Checked baggage: the quantity and weight depend on the ticket class and route. Detailed information can be found on the airline's website.


- On short flights, only beverages are offered.

- On long flights, full meals are provided depending on the ticket class.

Flight check-in:

- Flight check-in opens 2 hours before departure and closes 40 minutes before departure.

- To check-in, you must have a valid passport and ticket.

Ticket changes:

- Ticket changes are possible for an additional fee depending on the ticket conditions.

- Detailed information about ticket changes can be found on the airline's website.

Flight cancellation:

- In case of flight cancellation, the airline offers the option to rebook on another flight or receive a refund for the ticket.

- Detailed information about flight cancellation rules can be found on the airline's website.

Loyalty program:

- Eastar Jet offers the "Eastar Jet Club" loyalty program, which allows members to earn rewards for purchasing tickets and using the airline's services.

- Rewards can be used to pay for tickets and additional services.

- Detailed information about the loyalty program can be found on the airline's website.

  • IATA code: ZE

You can call the toll-free hotline and find out all the information that is important to you. On the website you can also contact the information desk or check the departure and landing of the nearest flights, as well as get information about flight schedules, popular destinations and special offers.