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Canadair CRJ

Aircraft Information Canadair CRJ

Canadair CRJ (CRJ - Canadair Regional Jet) is a series of regional aircraft developed by the Canadian company Canadair (now Bombardier Aerospace).

The first aircraft of the CRJ series was released in 1991. These aircraft are designed for passenger transportation over medium distances (up to 3.7 thousand km) and can accommodate from 50 to 100 passengers.

Canadair CRJ aircraft are equipped with two General Electric CF34 turbofan engines, which provide a speed of up to 870 km/h and a range of up to 3.7 thousand km.

CRJ series aircraft have modern avionics and safety systems, including an autopilot, collision avoidance system, and flight control system.

Canadair CRJ aircraft are widely used by airlines around the world for regional transportation. To date, over 1.8 thousand CRJ series aircraft have been produced.

Technical information about the Canadair CRJ

- Length: 26.77 m

- Wingspan: 21.21 m

- Cabin dimensions: 2.13 m x 2.13 m x 1.83 m

- Maximum speed: 870 km/h

- Range: up to 3,000 km

- Weight: 21,319 kg

- Engine: General Electric CF34-8C5B1 (2 units)

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

As with most narrow-body aircraft, the safest seats on the Canadair CRJ are the rows at the front and back of the cabin. This is because in the event of an accident, the central part of the cabin is most likely to be damaged.

In addition, the most comfortable seats on the Canadair CRJ are the rows with emergency exits. These seats usually have more legroom and wider seats.

However, it is worth noting that the choice of seat on the plane depends on the individual preferences of the passenger. Some prefer to sit closer to the window to enjoy the views, while others prefer to sit by the aisle for easier access to the restroom and overhead bin.