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Antonov An-148-100

Aircraft Information Antonov An-148-100

Antonov An-148-100 is a Ukrainian regional passenger aircraft, designed and manufactured by Antonov company. It was created to transport up to 80 passengers over a distance of up to 4,400 km.

The first flight of An-148-100 took place in December 2004, and certification was obtained in 2007. The aircraft is equipped with two turbojet engines Progress D-436-148, which provide a speed of up to 870 km/h.

An-148-100 has a length of 29.13 m, wingspan of 28.91 m, and height of 8.19 m. The maximum takeoff weight is 43,700 kg.

The aircraft can be used for passenger transportation, cargo transportation, and medical evacuations. It can also be used for patrol, search and rescue missions, as well as for air transport communication and management.

An-148-100 is operated by airlines in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and Iran.

Technical information about the Antonov An-148-100

- Length: 29.13 m

- Wingspan: 28.91 m

- Height: 8.19 m

- Cabin dimensions: 2.12 m x 2.16 m

- Maximum speed: 870 km/h

- Range: 2,100 km

- Weight: 23,500 kg

- Engine: two turboprop engines Progress D-436-148FM with a power of 6,400 hp each.

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in any other aircraft, the safest seats in the Antonov An-148-100 are those located closer to the exit of the aircraft. These can be seats in the first rows or near the emergency exits. It is also recommended to choose seats in the middle of the aircraft as they are closer to the center of gravity and may be more stable in case of turbulence.

In addition, it is recommended to choose window seats as they provide better visibility and may be more comfortable for sleeping. However, if you feel more comfortable in the aisle, then choose seats on the aisle.

In general, there are no specific seats in the Antonov An-148-100 that are less safe or less comfortable than others. It is important to choose a seat according to your needs and preferences.