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Airbus A320neo

Aircraft Information Airbus A320neo

Airbus A320neo is an enhanced version of the popular narrow-body passenger aircraft Airbus A320. NEO stands for "New Engine Option". It was introduced in 2010 and first flew in 2014.

The main changes in A320neo include new engines, Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM or CFM International LEAP-1A, which provide higher thrust and fuel efficiency. Additionally, the aircraft has improved wings with new wingtips and enhanced aerodynamics, as well as new flight control systems and electronics.

A320neo can carry up to 240 passengers over a distance of up to 6,500 km. It also has lower noise levels and emissions, making it more environmentally friendly and compliant with modern aviation requirements.

Airbus A320neo is one of the most popular narrow-body aircraft in the world and is used by many airlines, including Lufthansa, AirAsia, IndiGo, JetBlue, and others.

Technical information about the Airbus A320neo

- Length: 37.57 m

- Speed: 870 km/h

- Engine: Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM or CFM International LEAP-1A

- Size: 11.76 m height, 35.8 m² wing area

- Wingspan: 35.8 m

- Range: up to 6,500 km

- Weight: 68,000 kg (maximum takeoff weight)

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in any other aircraft, the safest seats in the Airbus A320neo are located in the rear of the cabin. This is because in the event of an emergency, the aircraft usually impacts the ground nose-first, so passengers in the rear have a higher chance of survival.

In addition, the most comfortable seats in the Airbus A320neo are those near the cabin exits, as they usually have more legroom and wider armrests. However, these seats may be occupied by passengers with limited mobility or children who may require assistance during evacuation.

It is also worth considering that window seats may be more comfortable for those who enjoy watching the flight and do not want to be disturbed by neighbors who need to get up from their seats.

In general, the choice of seats in the Airbus A320neo depends on the individual preferences and needs of the passenger. However, when choosing a seat, it is important to consider not only comfort but also safety.