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Airline : hotline number and general information

Eva Air is a Taiwanese airline founded in 1989. The company offers a wide range of routes worldwide, including Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Eva Air offers various classes of service, including economy, business, and first class. Each class of service offers its own amenities and services, such as free Wi-Fi, entertainment programs, complimentary drinks, and food.

The company offers various flight check-in options, including online check-in, airport check-in, and mobile check-in.

Eva Air allows passengers to choose their seats when booking a ticket. The company also offers additional services such as onboard meal and drink ordering, car rental, and hotel booking.

The company has a loyalty program called Infinity MileageLands, which allows passengers to earn bonus miles for purchasing tickets and using partner services. Bonus miles can be used to obtain free tickets and other privileges.

Eva Air has a high level of safety and complies with international aviation safety standards. The company has also received numerous awards and recognition for service quality and flight safety.

  • Адрес: Room619, 6F, 1, INDUSTRY E. 2ND RD., SCIENCE-BASED INDUSTRIAL PARK, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • Телефон: +886 2 25011999.
  • Имеет в авиапарке 10 единиц техники..
  • Авиаальянс: Star Alliance.
  • Код ИАТА: BR
  • http://www.evaair.com/

You can call the toll-free hotline and find out all the information that is important to you. On the website you can also contact the information desk or check the departure and landing of the nearest flights, as well as get information about flight schedules, popular destinations and special offers.