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How much does a plane ticket cost from Chita in Azerbaijan

In the price calendar you can find out how much a non-stop plane ticket costs for your convenient departure dates.
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Prices for flights from Chita in  by month

Check out the dynamics of changes in prices for air tickets from Chita in Azerbaijan and calculated on the websites of airlines and travel agencies for one adult passenger. Convenient navigation for selecting the date and time of departure will allow you to see all the options and the exact cost of a plane ticket.

Flight information from Chita in Azerbaijan

Honest prices without commission for air tickets from Chita to Azerbaijan, when planning a trip to Azerbaijan we will help you buy cheap plane tickets. The best time to buy tickets for a flight to Azerbaijan is the off-season. The smartest choice to fly to is . You can compare how much it costs to fly from Chita with a transfer by selecting airport Чита.
To buy a cheap air ticket from Chita to Azerbaijan and back, you need to purchase a ticket two to three months before the planned departure date. You can subscribe to the newsletter for price reductions for the flight Chita - Azerbaijan.

Prices for flights from Chita in Azerbaijan

The air ticket price includes: service tariff, fuel surcharges and airport taxes.
One way
There and back
July 2024
no offers
23.07 - 28.07.2024 from 67084
August 2024
no offers
30.08 - 04.09.2024 from 73828
September 2024
no offers
03.09 - 19.09.2024 from 63612
October 2024
no offers
06.10 - 15.10.2024 from 120728
November 2024
no offers
13.11 - 20.11.2024 from 49613
December 2024
no offers
04.12 - 18.12.2024 from 49643

Detailed statistics on changes in airline ticket prices from Chita in Azerbaijan for every month, prices are updated every 2 hours. According to statistics, the closer the departure date, the fewer empty seats on the plane, which leads to an increase in the cost of air tickets. The cost of a morning flight will be higher than for an evening flight with a 90% probability.

The cheapest flight from Chita in Azerbaijan

The cheapest air ticket is Chita — Azerbaijan and back with luggage 🛄, found by our user in the last 24 hours: airline ticket S7 with departure date 04.12.2024 and cost 21113 ₽. Check availability?

Which airlines fly from Chita in Azerbaijan:

The following are reliable airlines operating flights on the route Chita – Azerbaijan, we are searching for profitable and comfortable airlines for your trip.
Darwin Airline
Ural Airlines
Airports departing from Chita
You can get detailed information about the airports Chita and find out from which terminal your flight departs from an employee of our contact center or on the official website of the airport

Airports Chita from which planes depart to Azerbaijan

Airports Azerbaijan where planes arrive from Chita

Ticket prices in Azerbaijan from other cities

Below are the best prices for flights to Azerbaijan which were found within 24* hours. The cost of a flight can change every minute depending on the demand for a particular destination, the choice of a direct flight or with a transfer, the number of transfers, day of the week and time of departure:

from 23237 ₽
from 28320 ₽
from 30689 ₽
from 32583 ₽
from 34918 ₽
from 38125 ₽
from 42265 ₽
from 42284 ₽
from 42591 ₽
from 42927 ₽
from 43655 ₽
from 47219 ₽
from 47928 ₽
from 49937 ₽
from 50920 ₽
from 54216 ₽
from 54885 ₽
from 57055 ₽
from 60536 ₽
from 85614 ₽

* Airfare prices may change minutely and depend on the number of seats remaining on a particular fare