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Yakovlev / Jakovlev Yak 42

Aircraft Information Yakovlev / Jakovlev Yak 42

Yakovlev Yak-42 is a medium-range passenger aircraft developed and produced in the USSR from 1979 to 2003. It was created by the Yakovlev Design Bureau and designed to carry up to 120 passengers over a distance of up to 4,000 km.

The aircraft is equipped with three turbofan engines, which provide it with a speed of up to 750 km/h. The Yak-42 has a length of 36.4 m, a wingspan of 34.9 m, and a height of 9.83 m. The maximum takeoff weight is 57,000 kg.

The Yak-42 was operated in many countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Cuba, India, and others. It was used for both regular passenger transport and charter flights, as well as for cargo and military purposes.

However, the Yak-42 also became known for several major aviation accidents, including the crash in Yaroslavl in 2011, in which the entire team of the "Lokomotiv" hockey club died. This led to significant changes in aviation safety regulations in Russia.

Technical information about the Yakovlev / Jakovlev Yak 42

- Length: 36.38 m

- Wingspan: 34.88 m

- Height: 10.13 m

- Cabin dimensions: 2.08 m x 2.16 m x 1.85 m

- Maximum speed: 750 km/h

- Range: 4,200 km

- Empty weight: 27,500 kg

- Maximum takeoff weight: 57,000 kg

- Engine: turboprop D-36, 3 units, power of 11,033 hp each.

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in most commercial aircraft, the safest seats on the Yakovlev Yak 42 are located in the rear of the plane, closer to the exit. This is because in the event of an emergency, the aircraft usually gets destroyed in the front, while the rear remains more or less intact.

In addition, the seat rows on the Yakovlev Yak 42 are arranged in such a way that there is more legroom between them, making them more comfortable for passengers.

Some passengers prefer to sit by the window to have the opportunity to observe the flight and see the scenery. Others prefer to sit by the aisle to have easy access to the restroom and not disturb their neighbors when they get up from their seat.

In general, the choice of seat on the Yakovlev Yak 42 depends on the passenger's personal preferences and may be related to their health, age, size, etc. In any case, it is recommended to contact the airline before the trip and inquire about which seats on board the aircraft are considered the safest and most comfortable.