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Saab SF-340B

Aircraft Information Saab SF-340B

Saab SF-340B is a regional turboprop aircraft developed by the Swedish company Saab AB. It was released in 1989 and is designed for passenger transportation on short and medium distances.

The aircraft has two Allison AE 2100A turboprop engines, each with a power of 1,870 hp. The maximum speed is 555 km/h, and the maximum flight range is 2,200 km.

Saab SF-340B can carry up to 34 passengers depending on the cabin configuration. It can also be used for cargo transportation.

The aircraft has a length of 19.73 m, a wingspan of 21.44 m, and a height of 6.97 m. The empty weight of the aircraft is 9,000 kg, and the maximum takeoff weight is 13,155 kg.

A total of 459 units of the Saab SF-340B were produced and operated by various airlines worldwide. Currently, most of them have been retired from service.

Technical information about the Saab SF-340B

- Length: 19.73 m

- Wingspan: 21.44 m

- Cabin dimensions: 1.75 m x 1.75 m x 1.75 m

- Maximum speed: 500 km/h

- Engine: 2 × General Electric CT7-9B turboprop engines

- Range: 2,200 km

- Weight: 12,700 kg (maximum takeoff weight)

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in any other aircraft, the safest seats in the Saab SF-340B are the rows closer to the exits and exit doors. These are usually the first and last rows in the cabin.

In addition, window seats are considered safer as they are farther away from the center of the aircraft and can provide more space for exit in case of an emergency.

As for comfort, each passenger has their own preferences. Some prefer window seats to have the opportunity to enjoy the views outside, while others prefer aisle seats for easy access to the restroom and overhead compartments.

In general, the choice of seats in the Saab SF-340B aircraft depends on the individual needs and preferences of each passenger.