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Canadair Regional Jet 700

Aircraft Information Canadair Regional Jet 700

Canadair Regional Jet 700 (CRJ-700) is a narrow-body regional aircraft developed and manufactured by Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace. It was introduced in 1999 and is an improved version of the CRJ-100/200.

The CRJ-700 has a length of 32.5 meters, a wingspan of 23.2 meters, and a height of 7.6 meters. The maximum takeoff weight is 36,727 kg, and the maximum range is 3,620 km. The aircraft can carry up to 78 passengers depending on the cabin configuration.

The CRJ-700 is equipped with two General Electric CF34-8C5 turbofan engines, each producing a thrust of 62.3 kN. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 870 km/h, and the cruising speed is 785 km/h.

The CRJ-700 is widely used in regional aviation worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. It is also used as a VIP aircraft for transporting high-ranking officials and businessmen.

Technical information about the Canadair Regional Jet 700

- Length: 32.51 m

- Speed: 870 km/h

- Engine: two General Electric CF34-8C5B1 turbofan engines

- Size: height - 7.57 m, width - 2.69 m

- Wingspan: 23.24 m

- Range: 3,620 km

- Weight: empty - 22,680 kg, maximum takeoff - 38,555 kg

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in most commercial aircraft, the safest seats on the Canadair Regional Jet 700 are located in the rear of the plane. This is because the front of the aircraft may sustain more damage in the event of an emergency situation. It is also recommended to choose seats near emergency exits as they provide a faster exit from the plane if necessary. However, it is worth considering that these seats may be less comfortable due to limited legroom. Additionally, it may be noisier near the wings of the aircraft, so it is better to choose seats in the middle or rear of the cabin.