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Boeing 757

Aircraft Information Boeing 757

Boeing 757 is a narrow-body passenger aircraft developed by the American company Boeing in the 1980s. It was created to replace the outdated Boeing 727 model and is designed to carry 178 to 295 passengers over a distance of up to 7,222 km.

The Boeing 757 has two engines and can reach speeds of up to 850 km/h. It is equipped with modern avionics and safety systems, including an autopilot, collision avoidance system, and flight control system.

The Boeing 757 aircraft is widely used in air transportation worldwide, including regular and charter flights. It is also used for cargo transportation and as a military transport. Currently, the Boeing 757 is no longer in production, but many airlines continue to operate this model.

Technical information about the Boeing 757

- Length: 47.32 m

- Wingspan: 38.05 m

- Cabin dimensions: 3.54 m x 3.53 m

- Maximum speed: 850 km/h

- Range: 7,222 km

- Weight: 115,680 kg

- Engine: Rolls-Royce RB211 or Pratt & Whitney PW2000

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

As a rule, the safest places on the Boeing 757 aircraft are located in the rear of the cabin, as they are closer to the exits in case of an emergency situation. However, if you want to avoid the noise from the engines, it is better to choose seats in the front of the cabin. It is also advisable to avoid seats near the exits, as they may be less comfortable due to limited legroom. Overall, the choice of seat on the aircraft depends on your personal preferences and needs.