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Airbus A330-300

Aircraft Information Airbus A330-300

Airbus A330-300 is a wide-body medium-range passenger aircraft developed by Airbus. It was introduced in 1992 and first flew in 1993. The aircraft can carry up to 440 passengers depending on the cabin configuration and flight distance.

The length of the Airbus A330-300 is 63.7 meters, the wingspan is 60.3 meters, and the height is 16.8 meters. The maximum takeoff weight is 242 tons, and the maximum range is 11,750 kilometers.

The Airbus A330-300 is equipped with two turbofan engines, Rolls-Royce Trent 700 or General Electric CF6-80E1. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 871 km/h, and the cruising speed is 871 km/h.

The Airbus A330-300 is widely used by airlines for passenger transportation on medium and long distances. It is also used for cargo transportation and as a military transport. Currently, there are over 800 aircraft of this model in the world.

Technical information about the Airbus A330-300

- Length: 63.69 m

- Speed: 871 km/h

- Engine: Rolls-Royce Trent 700

- Size: height 16.79 m, width 60.30 m

- Wingspan: 60.30 m

- Range: 11,750 km

- Weight: 124,000 kg (maximum takeoff weight)

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in any other aircraft, the safest seats in the Airbus A330-300 are located in the rear of the cabin, closer to the exits. This is because in case of an emergency, passengers seated closer to the exits have a higher chance of survival and a faster evacuation.

In addition, the most comfortable seats in the Airbus A330-300 are found in the business class and the first rows of the economy class, where there is more legroom and wider seats.

However, the choice of seat in the aircraft depends on the individual preferences of the passenger. Some prefer to sit by the window to enjoy the view, while others prefer to sit by the aisle for a quick exit. Therefore, it is recommended to study the cabin layout and choose the most suitable seat before purchasing a ticket.