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Aircraft Information 32N

The code 32N is not an identifier for a specific aircraft, but denotes the type of aircraft Airbus A321-200. This aircraft is designed for passenger transportation over medium and long distances. Its range is approximately 5950 km, and the maximum speed is 871 km/h. Depending on the cabin configuration, the Airbus A321-200 can accommodate up to 220 passengers.

Technical information about the 32N

- Length: 37.57 m

- Speed: 870 km/h

- Engine: two CFM56-5B4/P turbofan engines

- Size: 11.76 m (height) x 35.81 m (wing span)

- Wing span: 34.10 m

- Range: 6,100 km

- Weight: 75,500 kg (maximum takeoff weight)

The most comfortable and safe places on the plane

Like in any other type of aircraft, the safest seats in the Airbus A320 (32N) are located in the rear of the cabin. This is because in the event of an emergency, the aircraft usually impacts the ground nose-first, so passengers in the tail section have a higher chance of survival.

In addition, the Airbus A320 (32N) has several seats that are considered more comfortable and convenient for passengers. These are the seats near the cabin exits, as they usually have more legroom and wider seats. However, it is important to note that storing carry-on baggage is prohibited in these seats, as they are emergency exits.

It is also worth noting that window seats are considered more comfortable for those who enjoy watching the flight and do not want to be disturbed by neighbors who have to get up to access the exit or restroom. However, if you frequently need to use the restroom, it is better to choose an aisle seat.

In general, the choice of seat in an aircraft depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you want to be closer to the exit or prefer window seats, choose the corresponding seats. If safety is your priority, it is better to choose seats in the rear of the cabin.