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Airport Enyu Airfield

The Enyu Airfield is located on Bikini Atoll, which is part of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The coordinates of the airport are 165.56512 longitude and 11.525081 latitude.

Enyu Airfield was built during World War II and was used by the military as a base for bombers. Currently, the airport is used for civilian flights, mainly for transporting cargo and passengers to neighboring islands.

The Enyu Airfield has a single runway that is 1.2 kilometers long and 30 meters wide. The airport has a small passenger terminal and several storage facilities for cargo.

Since Bikini Atoll is located in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, aviation is the main mode of transportation to the island. Enyu Airfield plays an important role in connecting Bikini Atoll with other islands in the Marshall Islands.

Airport information Enyu Airfield

  • Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
  • Civilian Airport
  • ICAO Code:
  • IATA Code: BII
  • Local Time: +12:00 GMT
  • Latitude: 11.525081
  • Longitude: 165.56512

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