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Airline Russia: hotline number and general information

Aviation company Russia provides air transportation services within Russia and beyond. We operate regular and charter flights, as well as offer additional services such as baggage, onboard meals, seat selection, etc.

For passengers planning to fly with Russia airline, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the baggage and pet transportation rules, as well as the onboard safety regulations.

We also offer the option to check-in for your flight in advance through our website or mobile app, which allows you to save time and avoid queues at the airport check-in counters.

If you have any questions or issues during your flight, our staff is ready to assist you at any time. We strive to provide maximum comfort and safety to our passengers and do everything possible to ensure that each flight is pleasant and secure.

You can call the Russia toll-free hotline and find out all the information that is important to you. On the Russia website you can also contact the information desk or check the departure and landing of the nearest flights, as well as get information about flight schedules, popular destinations and special offers.

Baggage rules on "Rossiya" airline

Cabin baggage: rules for transportation

For flights numbered SU6000 - SU6999:

If you are flying on a flight with numbers FV5501-5900, the allowed weight of cabin baggage is reduced by 5 kg.

Checked baggage

The number of baggage pieces and their volume depend on your flight.

If your flight is from SU6000 to SU6999 and your ticket is issued under the "Economy Premium" fare in the "Comfort" class, you can check in 2 pieces of baggage, each weighing no more than 23 kg, with a total of three dimensions not exceeding 158 cm. Only one piece of baggage is allowed in all other economy class fares.

In all business class fares, two pieces of baggage weighing up to 32 kg each can be checked in.

If your flight is FV5501 - FV5900, you need to find out the free baggage allowance from the tour operator. In this case, the sum of dimensions can reach up to 203 cm.

Traveling with a child

When flying on "Rossiya" airline, it should be noted that one passenger is allowed to carry one child under the age of 2 without providing a separate seat.

On domestic flights within the Russian Federation, such a ticket is issued completely free of charge. If you are flying abroad, you will have to pay 10% of the adult fare for the child's transportation.

If you are traveling with two or more children under the age of 2, a separate ticket is issued for each subsequent child with their own seat. The discount is provided according to the chosen fare.

If you have purchased a ticket for an infant without a separate seat, they are entitled to one piece of baggage weighing no more than 10 kg.

When booking a seat for a child, the number and weight of baggage are regulated according to the fare.

If a child aged 2 to 12 is traveling with you, their baggage is carried free of charge, and a discount on the ticket is provided according to the fare you have chosen.