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Amadeus IT Group SA is an international company that specializes in developing software for airlines and travel agencies. The company provides technological solutions for booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and other tourism-related services.

If you have any questions or issues with booking flights through Amadeus IT Group SA, you can contact the company's customer support service. You can find the contact information on the company's official website.

In addition, on the Amadeus IT Group SA website, you can find information about various services and products offered by the company. There is also a section with frequently asked questions where you can find answers to many questions related to flight booking and other services.

Overall, Amadeus IT Group SA is a reliable partner for airlines and travel agencies that use its technological solutions to simplify the booking process and improve the quality of passenger service.

  • IATA Code: 1A

You can call the toll-free hotline and find out all the information that is important to you. On the website you can also contact the information desk or check the departure and landing of the nearest flights, as well as get information about flight schedules, popular destinations and special offers.