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Useful information about Germany

On the southern side are the Alpine mountains. It borders the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, and France. Nearby are also Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Luxembourg. The capital city with its diplomatic institutions is Berlin. When visiting the country, one can see friendly, hardworking, and resilient locals. Germany is a country of the Old World, combining ancient culture, art, wonderful nature, and excellent conditions for relaxation. Only here can every traveler understand the German meticulousness, precision, and measured way of life of the locals. Germany is particularly famous among beer lovers, as it is no secret that there is a huge number of excellent quality breweries here. Well-kept streets and houses, manicured lawns, and excellent cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent after visiting this country. Germany is home to a large number of immigrants from former Soviet republics, and it is very common to hear the Russian language.

Sights and nature of Germany

Airfare to Germany

Below are the best prices found for flights to Germany within 24* hours. The cost of the flight can change every minute depending on the demand for a particular direction, the choice of a direct flight or with a transfer, the number of transfers, the day of the week and the time of departure:

from 30418 ₽
from 44264 ₽
from 45294 ₽
from 46349 ₽
from 53011 ₽
from 57438 ₽
from 72857 ₽

* Airfare prices may change by the minute and depend on the number of seats remaining at a particular fare

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Check out the dynamics of changes in prices for air tickets to Germany on the websites of airlines and travel agencies per adult passenger. Convenient navigation to select the date and time of departure will allow you to see all the options and the exact cost of the plane ticket. Flight prices to Germany by months

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