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General information about Tel Aviv Yafo

Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. The IATA code (individual object identifier) for the city is TLV. The population of Tel Aviv is approximately 250,000 people.

The time zone of Tel Aviv is +2 GMT, which is 1 hour behind Moscow time. Please note: local departure time is indicated on flight tickets, be sure to check the clocks before your flight.

Tel Aviv is the cultural and economic center of Israel, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded relatively recently, in 1909, but has already made it onto the UNESCO list of cultural heritage sites, thanks to buildings constructed in the 1930s.

Tel Aviv has numerous museums, theaters, and concert halls; it also has several ballet ensembles. Some of the most notable ones include the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Eretz Israel Museum. If you are planning to visit Israel, check the prices for flights to Tel Aviv. We offer cheap flights to Tel Aviv for tourists, and flights from Moscow to Tel Aviv are always available for Russians.

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