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General information about Istanbul

Istanbul is located in Turkey. The IATA code (individual object identifier) for the city is IST. The population of Istanbul is approximately 11,000,000 people.

Istanbul's time zone is +2 GMT, which is 1 hour behind Moscow time. Please note: local departure time is indicated on flight tickets, be sure to check the clocks before your flight.

Istanbul is the largest city located on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait. It is a seaport, a major cultural and industrial center of Turkey. The population of the city according to 2008 data is about 16,767,000 people. If you are interested in prices for flights to Istanbul, use our website.
The city's economy is mainly focused on mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, food, chemical, cement, light, printing, glass, woodworking, and paper industries. And, of course, trade and tourism. Istanbul is home to the country's major banks and foreign insurance companies. That is why the city is called the center of economic development and the central industrial city of the country.
In addition to beaches, hotels, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, tourists are attracted to such attractions of Istanbul as the Blue Mosque, the Museum of the Hagia Sophia, the Suleymaniye Mosque, the Museum of Eastern Culture, the Municipal Museum, the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, the Dolmabahce Museum with a clock tower, and many other museums. The city also has theaters and galleries, exhibitions. We recommend that tourists purchase cheap flights to Istanbul through our website. And Russians can always buy Moscow Istanbul flights on our website.

Attractions Istanbul and architecture

Airports Istanbul

Airport Istanbul where passengers from other cities fly when visiting Turkey

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