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General information about Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. The IATA code (individual object identifier) for the city is BEG. The population of Belgrade is approximately 1,200,000 people.

The time zone of Belgrade is +1 GMT, which is 2 hours behind Moscow time. Please note: local departure time is indicated on flight tickets, make sure to check the clocks before your flight.

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia with a population of about 1.5 million people, located in the central part of the country at the confluence of two rivers, the Sava and the Danube. Find out prices for flights to Belgrade by visiting our website.

Belgrade is the largest cultural, economic, and industrial center of Serbia with a rich historical past. The main attractions of Belgrade are the Saint Sava Temple, four royal palaces, the National Museum, the National Theater, the University of Belgrade, and the memorial complex where Tito is buried. We always have cheap flights to Belgrade available for anyone wishing to visit Serbia. And for residents of Russia, there are always flights available from Moscow to Belgrade.

Attractions Belgrade and architecture

Airports Belgrade

Airport Belgrade where passengers from other cities fly when visiting Serbia

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